Best Airlines in Pakistan

If you’re planning a trip to Pakistan, get ready to explore a land of rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes. From the majestic Badshahi Mosque to the serene Faisal Mosque, there’s no shortage of breathtaking attractions to visit. Whether you’re visiting historic landmarks like Pir Mangho and Mazar-e-Quaid or exploring the ancient Chaukhandi Tombs, these airlines will help you get there with ease. Happy travels! But before you start your adventure, let’s take a look at some of the best airlines in Pakistan to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Pakistan International Airline

PIA is the national airline of Pakistan and the largest airline in the country. It was founded in 1946 and operates a fleet of over 30 aircraft, including Boeing 777s, Airbus A320s, and Airbus A330s. PIA flies to over 60 destinations in Pakistan and around the world, including major cities in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

It provides Pakistani culture and heritage. The airline’s aircraft are decorated with traditional Pakistani motifs, and its in-flight meals feature Pakistani cuisine. PIA flies to over 60 destinations in Pakistan and around the world, including major cities in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Best Airlines in Pakistan

Air Blue

Airblue is a private Pakistani airline that was founded in 2003 by Tariq Chaudhary, a Pakistani-American IT professional. Airblue operates scheduled flights linking domestic destinations Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Multan with international destinations of UAE airports Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, and KSA airports of Jeddah and Riyadh. It focuses on customer service and has a reputation for providing friendly and efficient service to its passengers. Airblue is also known for its low fares and its commitment to safety.


SereneAir is a privately owned Pakistani airline that was founded in 2016 by Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, a Pakistani businessman. It has fleet of Boeing 737-800s and Airbus A330s, that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities to ensure that our passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight. It provides travellers with a timeless journey, owing to our skilled and professional crew.

SereneAir offers a different menu every day to pleasantly surprise its passengers on every flight. It flies to destinations Dubai, Sharjah, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi.

Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air was a privately owned Pakistani airline that was founded in 1993 by Khalid Mehmood Sehbai, a Pakistani businessman. Shaheen Air was flying to over 20 destinations in Pakistan and around the world. The airline’s domestic routes included Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, and Sialkot. The airline’s international routes included Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Madinah, Mashad, and Manchester.

In 2018, Shaheen Air suspended its operations due to financial difficulties. The airline has not yet resumed operations.

Fly Jinnah

Fly Jinnah is a new low-cost airline in Pakistan that was founded in 2021 by Lakson Group and Air Arabia. It currently operates a fleet of three Airbus A320 aircraft.
It currently flies to five domestic destinations in Pakistan: Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta. The airline also has a loyalty program called the Fly Jinnah Rewards program, which offers members a number of benefits, such as priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling.

One of the unique features of Fly Jinnah is its focus on affordability. The airline is known for its low fares, which makes it a popular choice for budget-minded travelers. Fly Jinnah also offers a variety of discounts and promotions, which can make flying even more affordable.

Pearl Air

Pearl Air was an airline in Pakistan. It started in 2003 and was based in Karachi, Pakistan. The main place it used was Karachi Jinnah International Airport. This airline wanted to fly within Pakistan and to other countries, but it never started flying.

Fleet: Pearl Air had only one airplane, a Boeing 737-200. They rented this plane from Phoenix Aviation in Sharjah, and it had a registration from Kyrgyzstan with the code EX-040. This same plane is now flying with Shaheen Air with the code AP-BHC.

Route: Pearl Air wanted to have flights within Pakistan to big cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar. They also planned to fly to other countries, such as Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. But because the airline never started flying, these routes were never used.

Why Did Pearl Air Fail?

Pearl Air couldn’t start flying for a few reasons:

1.They had money problems.

2.It was hard for them to get permission to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan.

3.There were other airlines in Pakistan that they had to compete with.


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is a great option if you want to travel with a premium experience and witness Pakistani culture and heritage. PIA provides a first-rate travel experience that highlights the finest of Pakistan with its traditional motifs, delectable food, and cozy flights.

Travelers on a limited budget might consider Airblue and Fly Jinnah as excellent choices. Both airlines provide reasonably priced tickets without sacrificing quality or safety. For a very reasonable price, Airblue and Fly Jinnah offer both domestic and international travel.

Serene Air is unique in terms of its broad route network and airport repute. Whether you’re traveling within Pakistan or overseas, Serene Air guarantees a hassle-free and easy trip with its contemporary fleet and extensive route network.

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