Flights to Cape Town

Cape Town is home to a variety of attractions.

Franschhoek’s Wine Tram

Kayaking with Whales – It is a thrilling and unique experience that allows you to get up close with these magnificent marine giants in their natural habitat.

Sunset Views from Signal Hill

Hiking to Lion’s Head – Beautiful sweeping views of the city, Table Mountain, and the coast can be had from this short trek.

Horseback Riding on Noordhoek Beach

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – Discover one of the most stunning botanical gardens on Earth, which is located at the base of Table Mountain. Savor the variety of plants and the “Boomslang,” or Tree Canopy Walkway.

V&A Waterfront – Enjoy the array of stores, eateries, and activities along the bustling V&A Waterfront. Take a sunset sail or see the Two Oceans Aquarium.

The airport name is Cape Town International Airport and the airport code is CPT


Flights to Cape Town

Which cities have direct flights to Cape Town

South Africa – Johannesburg, Durban, Lanseria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, George, Windhoek,

East London, Kimberley, Nelspruit, Hoedspruit.

United Kingdom – London (Heathrow) and London 9Gatewick

UAE– Dubai

Turkey – Istanbul

Qatar – Doha

Netherland – Amsterdam

Germany – Frankfurt and Munich

France – Paris

Switzerland – Zurich

Brazil – Sao Paulo

Ethiopia – Addis Ababa

Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls

Namibia – Windhoek and Walvis Bay

Which cities have direct flights to Cape Town

1] Safair

2] Airlink

3] CemAir

4] South African Airways

5] Global Aviation

6] Singapore Airlines

7] British Airways

8] Virgin Atlantic

9] United Airlines

10] Delta Airlines

11] Emirates

12] Qatar Airways

13] Turkish Airlines

14] KLM

15] Condor

16] Lufthansa

17] Norse Atlantic

18] Air France

19] Edelweiss Air

20] Kenya Airways

21] Ethiopian Airlines

How to get cheap flights to Cape Town

You’re more likely to get cheaper flights if you’re flexible with your vacation dates. To avoid the busiest travel periods, consider flying on weekdays or in the shoulder seasons (April–May or September–October).

Think about using a neighboring airport: There might be more affordable flights available at smaller airports close to Cape Town. Ex: George Airport

Apps and search engines for flights, such as Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights, etc. combine costs from several airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) to assist you in locating the best deals. In order to be informed when prices change, you may also create price notifications.

In general, flights are less expensive the earlier you purchase.

There are occasions when stopover flights are less expensive than direct ones. But compare the potential cost savings of a stopover trip with the time savings of a direct flight.

How much are flights to cape town south Africa

From Johannesburg  54 USD   R 991 by Flysafair

                                    69 USD   R 1260 by Lift

                                   78 USD   R 1431 by Airlink   

                                  91 USD   R 1669 by South African Airways

                                  114 USD   R 2091 by Hahn

From Durban                 R 1435  Lift  

                                        R 1352  Flysafair

                                        R 1680   CemAir

                                        R 2005 Hahn

                                        R 2326 540 Airline

From London      1232 GBP   R 28,739  Qatar Airways

                             685 GBP   R 15,995 Rwand Air

                             1240 GBP   R 28,927 British Airways

                              1123 GBP   R 26,213 Turkish Airlines

                              1028 GBP   R 23,988 Emirates

                              963 GBP   R 22,479 KLM

From New York      1294 USD  United Airlines

                                 1200 USD  KLM

                                 1210 USD  Delta Airlines

                                  1799 USD   Qatar Airways


From Istanbul      33,046 ₺   Turkish Airlines

                               53,109 ₺   Lufthansa

                                34,893 ₺    KLM

                                43,060 ₺    Qatar Airways

How much are flights to cape town south Africa

FlySafair, Air Link, Hahn and 540 Airlines have direct flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

Price for Flysafair is R 1050

Price for Air Link is R 1135

Price for Hahn is R 2107

Price for 540 Airline is R 2107

If you are looking for budget option, travel with Flysafair

Flights to Cape Town From London

Qatar Airways, Rwand Air, British Airways, KLM, Emirates and Turkish Airlines fly to Cape Town from London

Cheapest fare will be £685 in Rwand Air and £963 in KLM

Flights to cape town from Tambo

Tambo International Airport  is the airport name for Johannesburg

South African Airways, Lift, Airlink, Hahn and Flysafair fly to cape town from Tambo

Cheapest ticket will be R991 in Flysafair

Flights to Cape Town from Dublin

There are no direct flights to Cape town to Dublin

Qatar Airways travels from Dublin to Cape town taking 18 hours 50 mins with 1 stop at Doha and price will be

R 35,680

KLM takes 14 hours 30 mins from Dublin to Cape Town with 1 stop at Amsterdam and price is R 19,797

British Airways charges R 27,700 taking 16 hours from Dublin to Cape Town with 1 stop at London

Emirates charges R 27,358 taking 20 hours 15 mins from Dublin to Cape Town with 1 stop at Dubai

Turkish Airlines charges R 23,495 taking 18 hours  from Dublin to Cape Town with 1 stop at Istanbul

The cheapest airline is Lufthansa which charges R 18,518  taking 20 hours 40 mins  from Dublin to Cape Town with 1 stop at Paris.

Flights to Cape town from India

There are no direct flights from India to Cape town

Emirates charges Rs 91,103 from Mumbai to cape town with 1 stop at Dubai and takes 16 hr 45 mins

Ethiopian Airlines + Airlink with stops at Addis Ababa and Johannesburg will cost Rs 26,706 but takes 24 hours

Air Mauritius + Lift Airlines with stops at Mauritius and Johannesburg will cost Rs 43,894 and takes 16 hours

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