Best Airlines in North Korea

Visiting North Korea offers a unique opportunity to witness a society largely shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Despite its isolated status, the country boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and a fascinating history. From exploring the grand monuments and socialist architecture of Pyongyang to witnessing the serene beauty of Mount Paektu, North Korea offers a glimpse into a world rarely seen by outsiders. Travelers can immerse themselves in the country’s distinctive culture, interact with locals, and gain insights into its political and social dynamics. While visiting North Korea comes with certain restrictions and challenges, it provides a chance to broaden perspectives and engage with a complex and enigmatic nation.

Air Koryo

The only airline in North Korea is Air Koryo, which is the state-owned flag carrier of North Korea . It operates international scheduled and charter services to destinations within Asia as well as flights on behalf of the Government of North Korea .  Air Koryo is headquartered in Sunan-guyŏk, Pyongyang, and is based at Pyongyang International Airport.

Air Koryo flies to a limited number of international destinations, including Beijing, Shanghai, Vladivostok, and Moscow. In 2019, Skytrax, a UK-based airline and airport review website, removed Air Koryo from its ratings altogether, saying that it did not meet the minimum standards for assessment. If you are looking for a more comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, you may want to consider flying to a neighboring country, such as China or Russia, and then crossing the border into North Korea by land.

How many planes does Air Koryo have?

The fleet of Air Koryo consists of 15 aircraft. The fleet includes contemporary Russian aircraft like:

1 Tupolev Tu-204-300 (P-632) with 8 C class seats and 134 Y class seats.

1 Tupolev Tu-204-100 (P-633) with 12 C class seats and 164 Y class seats.

2 x Antonov An-148-100B (P-671 and P-672), each with 8 C class seats and 65 Y class seats.

The remaining aircraft are from Russia and Ukraine, some of which are even vintage Soviet aircraft 5. The fleet’s average age is 33.2 years, making it quite dated.


Which countries does Air Koryo operate in?

Currently it operates international flights between Pyongyang, China(Beijing, Shenyang and Shanghai)

And Russia (Vladivostok). In the past flights were also to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Kuwait city which are now cancelled.

How do I book a flight with Air Koryo?

Tourists should be aware that they cannot purchase tickets from Air Koryo directly. Koryo Tours and its North Korean partner, the Korea International Travel Company, handle the ticketing process. Air Koryo, however, continues to operate ticket offices in Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Vladivostok, Moscow, Berlin, and Kuwait. Fights can be booked from third party websites like cleartrip, paytm, skysanner, etc.

Best Airlines in North Korea

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